Swimming Pool Tips – 4 Tips On Saving Water

pool builderFor anyone who has a swimming pool in their property, it’s no mystery how just how much water you need. You would need thousands of gallons of water just so you could fill it up to a usable level. That’s how much water you would need. That’s the reason why a lot of homeowners ask their pool builder about tips on how to save water. Evidently, water evaporates over time but there are ways on how to lessen the loss of water. Here are some tips on just how to do that:

You could always count on your pool contractor for useful advice

Liquid pool covers – while it would help to put a traditional physical cover over your pool, it is still a bit of a chore to put it on there. Physical pool covers tend to get heavier the larger your pool is and in some cases, putting it on is not a one-man job. However, using liquid pool covers help reduce evaporation simply by adding the solution into the pool water. Contact your pool contractor for any recommended brands of liquid pool covers.

Installing windbreak – windbreaks are generally placed to keep reduce wind speeds which would accelerate the process of evaporation. You will need to strategically place your windbreaks, though. You would want to call your local pool contractor in Florence for assistance regarding the matter. Another option is to add shrubs, trees, and bushes. However, these options would mean frequent cleaning due to the leaves that might blow into the pool.

Install shade sails or awnings – the wind is one factor that could speed up the evaporation of the water in your pool. However, an even greater factor is the heat from the sun. During hot days, your pool could lose a lot of water even if there’s now wind blowing in. installing shade sails or awnings would greatly reduce the amount of evaporated water. Again, another option is to install trees in a strategic location where it could block the sun’s rays during particular hours of the day when the sun is in full blast.

Use temperature sensors – controlling the temperature of your pool is another way to minimize the loss of water. With the wide surface area of the pool, water can evaporate quickly without preventive measures. Adding a temperature sensor would mean the pool could cool itself during hot days and reduce water loss.

In general, water would evaporate out of your pool in a matter of time. However, this process could be drastically slowed down. There are various solutions that would help you achieve great results. Filling up a pool is expensive and saving water is one of the primary goals for any pool owner. For better results, always consult with your local pool contractor on the best type of solution for your pool. Different areas, climates, and seasons affect the effectiveness of water-saving solutions. It’s best to consult the professionals before buying one particular solution.

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